Current Status:
FEBRUARY 12th, 2011

If going to Bagby Hot Springs during the wnter months, be prepared for winter weather conditions as the roads are not maintained for winter travel. Please refer to the BAGBY DISCUSSION page for the latest road condtions.

Repairs are are still being completed by the Forest Service. Tubs are still available for soaking while the construction is ongoing.

The Forest Service is proposing a change in management at Bagby Hot Springs, CLICK HERE to view our Comments on the Concessionaire Permit Proposal

Babgy Hot Springs

A Little About Bagby Hot Springs...

Bagby Hot Springs are open for 24 hour use. Camping is not permitted at the hot springs or along the trail to Bagby. Also, alcohol is prohibited at the site. Nudity is allowed on the bath decks, but not in the open areas around the bathhouses. Local law enforcement officers and Northwest Forest Conservancy (NFC) volunteers periodically visit Bagby to ensure a positive atmosphere at the springs. The waiting time for a soaking tub varies depending upon the number of people visiting the hot springs at any given time. Summer weekends and holidays can be quite busy.

There are three bath houses at the site. The main bathhouse has five cedar log tubs each in a private room. The lower bathhouse has three log tubs and a large round tub located on an open deck. The upper bathhouse is located approximately 100 yards from the other two bathhouses. It has one large round tub on an open deck.

Bagby Hot Springs is managed
by the USDA Forest Service .

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